Effect of oregano oil on Broiler

Oregano oil is extracted from Origanum, with very low toxicity, strong sterilization and anti-oxidation, anti-corrosion effect, on prevention and treatment of livestock and poultry digestive tract bacterial diseases have significant effect. Oregano oil can improve animal production performance, feed conversion rate and reduce the death rate. Therefore, oregano oil can be used as a green pollution-free growth promoting feed additive for livestock and poultry. It can strengthen the body function, improve the body immunity, and promote the growth of livestock and poultry.
Materials:10% Oregano oilĄ˘4% flavomycin
Experiment design
Experiment animal: 1-day Broiler
6000 AA broilers were randomly divided into 3 groups, each group of 5 replicates, and each repeat 400.
A: Basal diet
B: Basal diet+ flavomycin
C: Basal diet+ flavomycin+10% oregano oil
Experiment cycle: 42days

Added flavomycin and oregano oil could improve broiler weight gain and improve the ratio of feed and meat. The early stage of the B and C compared with group A daily gain increased by 2.21% and 3.04%, feed conversion rate decreased by 2.14% and 3.57% respectively; Late daily gain increased by 1.39% and 1.86%, feed conversion rate decreased by 1.40% and 1.87%. The combined use of Flavomycin and oregano oil can improve the production performance of broilers, and the improvement effect is better than simply adding flavomycin.

Flavomycin and oregano oil can reduce the mortality of broilers. B and C were decreased by 57.6% and 66.7% respectively. The combined use of Flavomycin and oregano oil can reduce the mortality of broilers, and reduce the effect is better than simply flavomycin.
Whether from the broiler gain weight and feed conversion ratio and mortality, combined use of flavomycin and oregano oil were better without adding and only adding flavomycin group.




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