Heat Resistance Test of Thermostable Phytase in the Process of Feed Pelleting

1. Experiment Purpose
Determine the residual activity of thermostable phytase after different process of feed pelleting.

2. Experiment Method
2.1 Pelleting Condition
Temperature: about 85¡æ-95¡æ
Time: about 2 mins
Inventory: 1t feed/tank
Sample: thermostable phytase 10000U/g, dosage 2kg/t

2.2 Sampling
Before pelleting¡ªafter mixing the raw material, take 5 samples from each tank, 200g/bag.
After pelleting¡ªafter pelleting and cooling, take 5 samples from each tank, 200g/bag.
Take feed without enzyme as blank, detection enzyme activity subtracts blank enzyme activity is the adjusted enzyme activity.

2.2 Determination method
The sample was smashed to 40 meshes to detect the enzyme activity. Weigh 10g sample, dissolve with buffer solution, stir 30mins, fill to 100mL and centrifuge. The suspension is taken and filtrate through 0.45µm millipore filter. Determine the enzyme activity according to the corresponding method.

3. Experiment Result




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