TTX attend the 2016 Beijing VIV exhibition profile

September 5, 2016 - 8, International Intensive Livestock Exhibition (VIV China) held in Beijing. China International Intensive Livestock Exhibition (VIV China) is China's accession to the WTO held in the territory of the highest level of international animal husbandry exhibition. Successful previous sessions have attracted from China, Southeast Asia, the European Union, the Middle East, the Americas and other places more than 20 countries and regions exhibitors. The theme of this exhibition is intensive livestock industry, which is the trend of the world's animal husbandry development, but also to adapt to the needs of market economy, animal husbandry enterprises in China, into the international economic development of the inevitable trend of free trade system.

Jinan daily incense Co., Ltd. as an important domestic feed additives and enzyme suppliers to participate in this exhibition, the exhibition received a total of more than 300 domestic and foreign new and old customers, including a clear intention to cooperate more than 60 businessmen. Jinan, Hong every day sales and technical service personnel to the professional businessmen introduced the company's products and services, and customers are more concerned about the products and technical services to provide a systematic and comprehensive answer. In the exhibition, the Jinan-day old customers have every day incense and the strength of the company every day in Jinan, Hong-day product quality, competitive advantage that recognition and praise. Through the recommendation of the old customers, sample display, material distribution and other measures to allow more domestic and foreign business knowledge, understanding of Jinan every day incense, reached more cooperation.

"At present, animal husbandry in general overcapacity period. Therefore, enterprises should do their own position; research and development, production needs of the market, the customer needs products, and earnestly help customers solve the problem, so that the market can be neutral Invincible. "Every day, general manager of Hong Liu said. Every day, Hong people in this concept, with the support of market-oriented, customer-focused, dedicated to serving the livestock industry. Providing one after another in line with market demand for products, to solve one after another in the production of animal husbandry problems. In the days to come, every day Hong people will continue along the road serving the animal husbandry firm to go on.




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