Tiantianxiang reported annual work meeting in 2016

On the morning of January 5, 2017, in the conference room of Tiantianxiang the 2016 annual meeting summary report!
Congratulations on Tiantianxiang internal turnover reached 20.1 million yuan in 2016.

           Conference on financial, domestic trade, foreign trade, technology, factory, each head according to the department made a summary and analysis the condition of a year, and the new adjustment Suggestions and opinions accordingly.General manager liu overall summarized the business up on the status of the 16 years and 17 years of work plans to do a summary and guidance.Chairman guo total of each department reports to the simple instruction, and finally made a summary statement, the affirmation of the pay of people over the past year, and points out the development direction and the adjustment plan of the New Year!Hope that colleagues continue to keep a good state, again next year!

          After the meeting, the 2016 annual excellent employee award ceremony!In 2016, make a good contribution to TTX advanced individual, outstanding managers, outstanding newcomer, advanced team, an honorary certificates, prizes, trophies, bonuses, and thank them for the past to Tiantianxiang  dedication!Hope to keep up the good work next year, create brilliant!




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