TTX fourth speech contest

         To celebrate the 19th anniversary of the founding of the company, at the same time, let us more deeply understand the company "integrity, etiquette, honest" the enterprise culture of "innovation drive future", "what we need,we do indeed" marketing idea, held on the afternoon of January 5, 2017 to "good faith to win trust, innovation to drive the future" as the theme of the speech contest.
          Eight contestants to participate in this game, the jury is composed of all the department heads, 5-8 minutes each time, the speech, the judges score a minute time, contestants colorful speech, have distinguishing feature each, everyone around the Tiantianxiang opinions and corporate culture, deeply understand "honesty, etiquette, honest" the corporate culture of "innovation drive future", "your need, I exist" marketing idea.

         You give the speech contest in the work provides a show themselves, improve yourself stage and opportunities, enhance the communication between colleagues, conveys the spirit of enterprise culture, cultivate the team spirit of cooperation between colleagues!
         Finally the judges to everyone's speech made a review and point out the advantages and disadvantages, encourage everyone to sum up experience, to continue to progress.
         According to score a selected at the end of the match first prize, two second prize, third prize several, and awarded prizes.





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