TTX congratulations on 2018 happy New Year

The end of 2017, bid farewell to 2017, ushered in the new 2018,Jinan Tiantianxiang (TTXCo., Ltd. was founded in 20th anniversary.New year's Day approaching, Jinan Tiantianxiang (TTXCo., Ltd. Chairman Mr. Guo Fangkun and general manager Ms. Liu Huaxia on behalf of the company all the staff wishNew and old customers and partners:

Happy New Year's Day! Business is booming! A happy family!

In 2017 thanks to the new and old customers and partners to support the TTX!

Thank you all for the hard work of the staff!

Thanks for all the attention and support development of all friends of the TTX!

20 years of rain and rain, steady development, the market gradually expand, products are more and more customers love, 2018, new year's new weather, TTX will continue efforts, continue to improve, for the majority of new and old customers and partners to provide more high-quality products and technical services!

What you need,  we do indeed.

20 years, the youth, and then start! Do not forget the beginning of the heart, to the new mileage!





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