TTX 2017 year-end conference

At 8:30AM on 4th Jan. 2018, Jinan Tiantianxiang Co., Ltd hold 2017 year end conference in factory meeting room. HR manager Ms Wu hosting this meeting, in this meeting, finance department,technology department,quality control department,product department,sales department and personnel department made report. President Mr. Guo and  general manager Ms Liu made guidance,affirmed each department work in 2017,point out direction of company development.


TTX general manager Ms Liu summarize the general operation of the company in 2017. and make guidance by each depatment development. final president Mr. Guo made concluding remarks.thanks for each department contribution in 2017, commend outstanding staff.TTX has founded 20 years, step by step, from domestic trade to international business, from traditional marketing to internet marketing, new manage, new technology, new marketing, products improve,suit market development. Under good economic environment and policy, TTX will continue efforts and try to be a world-class feed additive enterprise.


Afternoon, TTX staff hold speech, theme is ¡°20 year old, is the young¡±, show enterprise culture, ¡°Integrity¡±, ¡±etiquette¡±, ¡°honest¡±, ¡°Innovation drives the future¡±, ¡°Company marketing philosophy¡±, ¡°what you need, we do indeed¡± as core, think about the bright future of the company,  do one hundred enterprise! Each department attend positive, how inspiring! Player expressed best wishes to company.





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