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Feed grass flavor for rabbit

feed grass flavor for rabbit

TTX feed flavor is a sense feed additive that can improve and make better taste and smell in feed, increase feed intake, promote feed to be digested and absorbed by provoking gustation and olfaction of animal
Grass flavor as a kind of fruit flavor, it takes on natural, pure, fresh grass aroma.
1. Full-bodied grass aroma can promote animal feed intake and then gain overall nutrition and grow quickly.
2. It can cover up bad odor in animal feed, make feed palatability better and widen feed raw material application, then lower feed cost.
3. It can reduce the effect of changing feed suddenly, overcome growth retardation caused by stress.
4. With the help of this product, animal can maintain a good intestinal environment and protect ití»s digestive tract health.
1. All ingredients conform to food grade.
2. Cover up bad odor in feed, promote feed intake of animalsí»
3. Ensure a long-lasting, intense aroma and fresh taste of the feed.
4. Full-bodied fresh grass scent, retain a genuine, pleasing aroma after pelleting
Key component
Grass essence, Carrier
White powder
Suitable for ruminant, rabbit, cattle, dairy cattle, horse, pig and poultry
Recommended dosage:
Pellet feed and complete feed: 500 g/t
Concentrated and premix feed: 500-1000 g/t
Increase or reduce the dosage with the situation of feed materials and season.
Packed 1kg, 2kg or 5kg in an inner bag.
Packed 20 Kg in an outer bag
Stored for 12 months in sealed packaging in a cool, dry and ventilated place.
Avoid high temperature and direct sunlight
Increase the dosage pelleting
Increase the dosage in feed with long-term storage




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